Welcome to The IPI Project Stockholm

Moving abroad is tough. We know. We’ve done it too.

Building your ‘village’ abroad is an evolution. And we want to welcome to you to a safe, vibrant, reliable and attractive physical space that will help you integrate.

Everyone needs a starting point. A connection.

The IPI Project Stockholm helps international parents and children make meaningful connections with their community, navigate the civic system and become truly ‘integrated’.

Adaption and integration is more than just fitting in. It is recreation, renewal and metamorphosis.

The IPI Project Stockholm is a membership association with the sole purpose of establishing a ‘one stop shop’.  An actual physical space in central Stockholm where international families can access specifically tailored information and signposting to services to aid integration and connection.

The association is a leap forward from the current one day a week Högalids Hedgehogs English Speaking Play Group. Formed over 20 years ago, this vital lifeline for international parents has shown the need for a full time, fully serviced drop in centre.

Working in collaboration with Littlebearabroad.com – Stockholm for Kids we will provide an inclusive and informative service.


Högalid Hedgehogs

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